Monday, September 3, 2007

August/September News

Newsletter Contents:
1. The Past (Ghost Opera)
2. Upcoming (Library of Congress, Pac-Rim Recording, UCSF Noontime)
3. Other News
4. The Means (Grants, Fundraising)
5. New Address

1. The Past (“Ghost Opera” 7/17/07 in Santa Fe)

In July we spent a week of intensive rehearsal in Santa Fe preparing for our July 17th performance of Tan Dun's “Ghost Opera” with pipa player, Wu Man. Upon arrival we quickly had to learn to play all sorts of unusual percussion instruments, including water bowls, and to move all around the theater-- climbing stairs, singing, etc. -- while playing our own instruments. “Ghost Opera” is a magical and very visual piece. In addition to Tan Dun's written choreography and lighting effects, the piece was further enhanced by projected video images. Acushla Bastible directed the whole project, and she did an incredible job of pulling all the elements together, coaching us on our choreography, vocals, and staging. The result was a wonderfully alive and exciting performance that thrilled the packed house at Santa Fe's Lensic Theater.

2. Upcoming Activities (Library of Congress, Pacific Rim Recording, UCSF Concert)

Kicking off our 2007-2008 season is our October 19 public concert at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. There we’ll perform the world premiere of a work by Cambodian-American composer, Chinary Ung, commissioned for us by the Koussevitsky Foundation. We’ll be playing on rare 17th-18th century Italian stringed instruments provided from the Library’s collection.

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Later this fall we’ll be recording this piece and works by other contemporary Pacific Rim composers such as Hyo-Shin Na, Kui Dong, and Jack Body. This CD will be released in 2008. Donors of over $1,000 will be listed as sponsors of this Pacific Rim recording in the CD liner notes.

On Thursday, October 11, we’ll give a free noontime concert as part of UC San Francisco’s Chancellor’s Concert Series.

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3. Other News (Ron Smith)

This month the Barlow Endowment awarded Canadian composer, Ron Smith, a commission to write a new string quartet for us.

4. The Means (Grants, Fundraising)

Performing, recording, traveling … it all takes money.

This month we learned that we’ll receive $13,000 from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts (Hotel Tax Fund), up from the $10K we received last year. As we noted in last September’s news, future GFTA grants are based on our budget size, which many of you have helped us grow. We’re happy to report that those who gave during our spring
fundraising appeal collectively exceeded the $5K challenge match. Thank you to all who gave and especially to our generous donor who issued the challenge!

5. New office address and phone

We’ve moved. Our new office address is:

754 46th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121

Our new phone number is: (415) 374-0074.

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